October 23, 2016


  • Dark Light is out now!

    We are not here to be liked, we are here to be felt.




    The EP Dark Light holds up a mirror in front of our faces. Having lived in Los Angeles, we have seen the Beauty & the Beast. Making a living on the street we do get in touch with every facets of life and people
    We are at the pulse of people’s day to day environment we pop up into their lives with music that rattles at the cage of a worried mind or caress a celebrating heart. We play music and invite to take a breather and enjoy music or dancing before returning to work .
    The concept of the Dark speaks of what we have still created around us, and continue until we have turned our eyes inwards and illuminate the false identities that we are separated from each other, and have to protect from one another. Believing in order not to fall short we have to be bigger better, stronger, instead of more , empathetic ,forgiving and loving another form of living radically .
    We are building walls, and we are spending money into defense we are invested in protection, we are guarding against fear, by promoting fear. Choosing fear to fight fear.
    Dark light speaks of the relationship between the two Dark and Light, which stands for Fear and Love, which are the interplay of teaching the truth of our Human Nature: That we are whole, we are light , we are magnificent , we are unlimited, free , eternal pure consciousness.
    We strongly believe that art is the teacher of both. Using art courageously, portraying both Darkness and Light despite social norm, or judgement – which art has never cared for , we get to transcend the darkness within ourselves and thus create with true seeing the world in front of us.
    Dark Light is the ray of Light piercing into the depth of our shadow personas, healing our identity struggle being concerned what we think of one another.
    When we play music on the street, people gather around to appreciate.
    No sex, or status, no skin color or profession, commands our thinking. All of it stops for a second and we get to be with each other and connect. Random people, at a random time, at a random place. We feel a sense of belonging, realizing we have more things in common than we do not.
    On the streets true meeting is possible : Strangers start dancing with one another
    This spontaneous exchange is the currency of joy.
    We believe that expressing our true Self radically by exercising vulnerability, openly, with no shame but celebration, letting our guards down, going past our comfort to judge always pretending that we know, we empower ourselves and others.

    We want to advocate courage to expose first to ourselves who we really are and then demonstrate it to the world. As it has become an everyday practice for ourselves.
    Dark Light speaks about the struggle of power in this world and that surrender our EGO may be a painful but true form of growth, as it seeks to embrace not conquers. We believe in the transformational power of art that unveils fearless the ugliness , the unwanted, the hidden, the shameful to show its teachings that when brought to the light, that no shadow can withstand.
    Dark Light speaks of non judgement for what we judge we become ourselves. It’s the radical approach to exercise courage to be your true Self: Nude. Raw. Real.

    we love to continue to share our music to connect to you!
    Our contribution to the world is our new EP that we are extremely proud of and can’t wait to present it to you! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT !

  • Interview with denmantau

    Interview with denmantau (07/11/2014)

    Shadow Fighter: Moin denmänners! It’s like always nice to see you – and even better, that we have found some time to chat. Your fan base grows every day, but there are still people out there who have not seen you on the road and where your name therefore says nothing. Imagine it for these people very shortly before.

    denmantau-band 2denmantau: Hello, we are “denmantau”, the five-member sympathetic Best Friends band from Hamburg land – Singer Paul, the two guitarists Julian and Jonas, drummer Milan and bassist Stefan, who now takes over the answers to the questions. And we do Trumpet / Rock!

    Shadow Fighter: Last year you celebrated its tenth anniversary, but in the current constellation you do not quite long music together. When and how did you find each other? And how did you actually come to the band name?

    denmantau: Yes, we actually started the classical way as a school band Hamburg suburb. We met us in the “Rock Band” project of our school where we first classic gecovert songs. Reenact songs under supervision once a week, has us but then not quite fast enough, which is why we moved a small rehearsal room in our local youth center and from there almost every day had made music. At that time with our drummer Steffen Lehmker.
    After that everything happened very quickly. The first live experiences could we then also make band evenings at the youth center and at regional band contests. If this band contests we then also met Milan, who had also participated with his band. We quickly made friends with the guys and his band played a lot of jam sessions and gigs with them. That’s why Milan was also equal to the first choice after the departure of Steffen. So since the end of 2009, we are in our current constellation to be found.
    In this time we have our band name then changed into “denmantau”. “Denmantau” was for us an invitation to ourselves. We wanted to make the step from a school band into a professional rock band and conquer the world. Well for one guy! “Denmantau” but can also be an invitation to everyone to understand to make the most of a self and pursue his dreams!

    Shadow Fighter: Your musical journeys have you already brought halfway around the world – Australia, New Zealand, America and of course Europe. Earlier this year, it should actually go for a few weeks to Israel to escape the German winter. Which countries will you absolutely not visit and where you liked best so far?

    denmantau: Basically we want to go anywhere. We constantly have wanderlust and love to travel.Mostly we decide quite spontaneously, where it goes next. Something like a longer-term travel plan there was never really … We’re too spontaneous. Where we are now actually going to pull for a long time in the United States. There is but for us to discover even more than enough. After that? Who knows … in Asia, we have never …
    You can not really say which country we liked best. Each destination had its own charm and its own difficulties. One meets every time people a hard make it to pull back further and to learn something new, and you miss every time people, if you go elsewhere. But we’ll meet fortunately always several times in life and you can look forward to many welcome and farewell parties.

    Shadow Fighter: For several months, you say again and again that you want to emigrate to Los Angeles. Why just America, why exactly this city and no other? What you like most about being “City of Angels” and how practical your plans are now?

    denmantau: Many of our musical influences come from the USA and Great Britain. It had us always intrigued to make a pilgrimage a little on the paths of our models, and as the weather in California happens to be better for our street music, the decision was pretty easy … Actually we had also only decided after we first had time for three months in the States. We first wanted to actually play only a small road trip and return back to Germany, but things have developed there otherwise.

    buskers-philosophyShadow Fighter: In December, after two EPs now your first real album “Busker’s Philosophy” appeared. Told it out a bit over the plate and their development process – which is the philosophy of Buskers what the listener can expect and why must go necessarily in possession of music lovers this EP?

    denmantau: “Busker’s Philosophy” is to be our summary of crazy past four years, in which the street music came into our lives, and this has put upside down. By busking we have for the first time possible to occur anywhere and at almost any time prior to larger groups of people and introduce them to a piece denmantau.
    And not just in Germany … We could us through busking traveling in many countries such as Italy, the United States and Australia enable. Anyone who has ever been on a journey, knows how varied and crazy what can be so. You can learn an incredible number of people, cities, cultures and can be “mashing” of everything at the end. As varied as the impressions themselves, the songs in the end have become, but just like the crazy last year they make then in the end sense and give a really nice picture.

    Shadow fighter: As the two predecessors, this arose quasi traveling. What act your songs in general, where does her your inspiration and what song is you hold most dear? Is there a denmantau THE song or varies the disk to disk?

    denmantau: The songs are God and the world of heartbreak, personal observations, travel experiences – in short of many things. There is no unifying theme, which we take up again. Besides Paul writes Jonas, our guitarist, lately many texts and also the rest of us are inspired them to write.Alone differ from our different perspectives, the issues and the nature of the texts. Everyone has their favorites among our songs, but the one “denmantau song” does not exist for us.

    Shadow Fighter: If you look back and recap the past decade let that moments come you out immediately to mind? Did you see yourself ten years ago where you are today? What makes makes your musical and general development since the beginning of denmantau today most noticeable?

    denmantau: 10 years ago we had when large Peppers fans, actually dreamed of emigrating to California and experience the Californication lifestyle. As far as ever as prophesied.
    The last 10 years were of course full of wonderful moments and memories that all important and intense for us were to speak … From our first shots on the first joint road music experience on the scapula in Hamburg, to the first larger performances as part of the Local Heroes contest.

    Shadow Fighter: How does the songwriting designed with a five-piece band? Who is responsible for denmantau in this regard? Have you in developing all equal say or be their own “baby” defend to the death? And like a song produced normally with you: Only the text or only the melody or the two go hand in hand?

    denmantau: Actually there is no real concept. In most cases, a song idea arises during Jammens among themselves or someone tinkering at home a great part. From there we will drive through teamwork. Either we sit all together towards or we share in small groups on. The lyrics are often added later, but there are exceptions, such as “Heroes” , in which stand out the idea behind the text before the chords found it. Everyone has a say and everyone gives their “baby” confidently into the hands of the other guys.

    denmantau-concertShadow Fighter: For track “Crystal Clear”to find, on your second EP “Street Pulse”, you also have an official video shot, which is generally quite bleak. Which statement does the song and how far could this be implemented in the video? What it was an experience to shoot a music video, and then to see the finished product? Standing at more plans in this direction?

    denmantau: The video shoot with Vincent pivot was an absolutely cool experience. The complete script and the ideas about the individual shots are all of Vincent. It was interesting to see how someone apart sets creative with our factory in order to film the whole thing. Vince is deliberately not literally dealt with the text, but rather has the feel and dynamics of the songs represented pictorially. We filmed in the Wilhelmsburger Soul Kitchen, which has us once asked a weekend available their premises.
    Our second video for our new song “Little Darling” is now finished filming and has also been devised and planned by Vince. Most of the material is turned off and has to be done now cut … Then we must, unfortunately, probably wait a little, since the Vince is a hard busy and much sought-after man.

    Shadow fighter: As buskers her regularly attracts in downtown Hamburg numerous people and bring them not only with their own songs, but also with completely custom cover versions for toe-tapping and sing along. What this cover song you would like to have written yourself? And there is an artist or a band with whom ye – could imagine cooperation – seen quite utopian?

    denmantau: We were definitely prophesied often that the song “Drive” by Incubus will probably be our biggest hit. Apparently stands of our band quite well.
    Well, maybe would – seen quite realistic – a collaboration with a Bläserchor not wrong … 🙂 The Youngblood Brass Band might as well come into consideration.

    Shadow Fighter: The Trumpet your music is something special, you have virtually a new music genre invented – the so-called “trumpet rock”. But who actually are your musical idols? With whom can you compare your music? And the love of music has always been there?

    denmantau: There are a lot of different musical influences that have made us what we are now. The strongest to denominates would but clearly the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age and Led Zeppelin. In addition, we hear countless other bands and genres. From jazz and classical to quirky techno electro sounds there’s hardly anything that does not flow somehow in our music. Only Ska we may not all. Although we probably many people would push through the trumpet a little in this genre.
    Milan and Paul are the only ones who had ever learned an instrument before the teen years. The rest of us have all just begun with 11 to 13 years, to be interested for active music making.

    Shadow Fighter: If you play one of your Straßengigs, quickly forms itself in cold, wet weather, a crowd of people around you. Since then people stay in all age groups are and can not keep silent feet.What makes your music so audiences fit and where would you describe your music file itself, if you had to squeeze you into standard genres – apart from the “trumpet rock”?

    denmantau: The Trumpet attracts people and makes them hinlauschen interested. The guitars create beautiful wellness chord sequences including and the rhythm can then hips swinging. We have fun in the matter and I think you can see this also.
    We make clear alternative Jazzy folk funk Stoner Rock-Pop!

    denmantau-band 3Shadow Fighter: Despite the now quite widely known that you are down to earth and mixes you after performances like among the audience to drink with your fans still have a beer. Even your Facebook page looks after itself, so that intensive contact to the fans there. How important is this and how much value you also critical feedback to your gigs?

    denmantau: The contact with the audience was for us has always been a very natural thing. Especially with our road sessions we meet our audience at eye level, and encourage people to ask us questions or just to chat with us.
    The social networks themselves to serve is also a wonderful way to stay in touch with the people. If someone takes the trouble to write to us and give us feedback, we are pleased and take it seriously. Because we let us not assume, also respond to itself.
    The distance between audience and band never was very high with us and this level we are trying as much as possible, keep. If the schedules are then a little tighter later on a tour, it is probably more difficult to run even longer through the audience and chat. But until then we remain a band to touch and hugging!

    Shadow fighter: What kind of reactions you get from family and friends on your band project – especially in view of the plans to emigrate to America? Are there any negative feedback? Who strengthens you most back?

    denmantau: Our parents have given up a few years ago to try to persuade us to a “reasonable” career, and are now finding class what we do. Our families support us wholeheartedly. We have already the borrow “one time or another” a car or bringing even the whole pack with visits to once again really sensible what to eat. No problem! And we are very grateful!
    Our Circle we also have a big help. Whether is now helping out at the box office, is filmed or we once again the Busking equipment of our two friendly bands we kollektiv22 need to borrow and Karius & Baktus, everything is not a problem. Moreover, we also find in them getting a free coffee if you’re looking as now almost two-round homeless dormitory. Without all this help this whole project would “denmantau” not have been possible!

    Shadow fighter: As a literary enthusiasts, I can not do without it, even one or the other question to ask for written language course – but I did just because your lyrics anyway find very suitable. What is your opinion about “music and literature”? Are you of the opinion that music is also a kind of literature in the form of poetry?

    denmantau: Yeah! Texts are in itself nothing other than poetry. And the music that’s also a form of communication, supplemented and / or extended then the lyrics yet.

    Shadow Fighter: Music itself can also act very inspiring. Have you ever creative feedback to get your music, perhaps even in the form of stories or poems, which were based on your lyrics?

    denmantau: We once received a picture of a our younger fans in America, on the floats a shark in the ocean and says: “denmantau is sharktastic” We were very touched!

    Shadow Fighter: Has besides the love for music “normal” literature ever place in your life? Which genre you can most likely get away from it and turn off the head? Are there favorite authors or ledgers that have shaped you previously were important and still are today?

    denmantau: We all read a lot. As such, we give each other more frequently book tips and swap books. Genre Technically we read many different things. From the Fantasy range, for example, we are all together big fans of Patrick Rothfuss, who wrote the “regicide” -Chronik. A book about a boy who has traveled with his family as a traveling actor and musician group through the country and now want to be magicians. “Narcissus” and “Goldmund” and “Siddartha” by Hesse would also be named as my favorite books.


    Short and sweet – five answers in (maximum) five words
    Geilstes / main concert? – Were very many important concerts.
    Most important band now? – First Buskingsession at the hill?!?
    Craziest fan-action? – There are already two denmantau tattoos in this world!
    THE band saying? – “. Oh nix”
    denmantau in five years? – First band on the moon!

    Shadow Fighter: At the end of course, comes the question, what’s coming in the near future so at denmantau. Are there bigger plans before heading across the pond? How soon you will disappear to America and there before once again the chance to see you live on a big stage?

    denmantau: Since we now actually travel in the next four weeks in the United States, there is for us in Germany just no major projects more. With the completion of the music video and the gig with kollektiv22 in Uebel & Gefährlich we have initially completed everything we planned.
    We will definitely still diligently take the good weather in Germany and play a lot on the road, are actively songwriting and we slowly goodbye to our loved ones.

    Shadow fighter: I thank you very much for your time and the detailed answers on my curious questions. Enjoy your further journey through the world and hopefully very soon – either on the street or in front of the stage or at the merch booth at a big concert;)

    denmantau: Thank you very much for the interview and see you soon! 😉

    All rights reserved.
    Photos: © Kreutz manner (3.5) / Jakob Riedel (1) / denmantau (2.4)

  • Magical melody tour: on June 18th & 9th

    Magical melody tour: on June 18, the 9th Annual Fête de La Musique will immerse downtown Laguna in music

    On June 18 the 9th Annual Fete de la Musique takes place throughout downtown with singers and musicians performing at 35 locations from noon to 4 p.m.

    This year’s line-up includes Denmantau, a five-member band now based in San Pedro, whose members hail from Hamburg, Germany. The word “denmantau” is derived from an old north German dialect and translates to “let’s go” or “good luck.” The band has developed a unique genre known as Bohemian/Dance Rock, comprised of folk, funk, jazz, rock and other rhythms.

    Since appearing at last year’s Fête, they’ve played numerous shows and street gigs and toured California. Locally, Denmantau played a three-month residency at Mozambique Steakhouse, where they fell in love with Laguna Beach. The group won the Emerging Artist Contest at Rusty’s Surf Ranch in Santa Monica, garnering the opening slot for Jefferson Starship at the Twilight Concert Series 2015.

    “That was a great experience and our career has been soaring constantly,” said drummer Milan Carl.

    The group also played at The Joshua Tree Music & Art Festival 2016, sharing the same stage with Dumpstaphunk and The Main Squeeze.

    Click on photograph for a larger image

    Submitted photos

    Denmantau brings Bohemian/Dance Rock to the Fete de la Musique

    Band members include: Paul Weber, lead vocals and trumpet; Stefan Pomplun, bass; Julian Schonscheck, guitar and keyboard; Jonas Gerigk, guitar and backing vocals; and Milan Carl, drums.

    With expressive melodies and theatrical flair, Denmantau promises to rock the Water District Garden again at this year’s Fête.

    Also in the line-up, The Budrows have the ability to transform any venue into a bona fide deep-south juke joint, full of revelers having themselves a modern good time in old-fashioned style. Vocalist Macarena Rivera, a 2012 graduate from Laguna Beach High School, lures audiences with her deep, exotic range, soulful instinct and stunning grace well beyond her years, and plays a riveting washboard. The twangy cigar box guitar and foot stompin’ beat laid down by Jason Farthing keeps that front porch country blues feel as harmonica and flute man, “Rippin” Ron Richard brings experience and the unexpected woodwind element to form a powerful and unique Americana experience in the tradition of the masters of the genre.

    Since appearing at last year’s Fête, they have done a couple of small tours, including one out in the Midwest where they headlined a cigar box guitar festival in Ohio called the “Handmade Music Extravaganza.” They also toured Northern California and went up to Eugene, Oregon, followed by a gig at the Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, Calif.

    They have played locally at Mozambique and the Marine Room and performed live in the studio at KX 93.5 radio.

    Click on photo for a larger image

    Prepare to revel in the riveting rhythms of The Budrows

    “We love playing at the Fête … always such a fun crowd and a great day for people to come out and see live music,” said cigar box player Farthing. They’ll be performing at Chico’s alcove.

    Participating band Bluegrass Country has been playing for 12 years together, for six consecutive years as the Grey Hill Gospel String Band, appearing at Fête de la Musique from 2008 to 2013 (the only performers to do so). This year, they changed their name and added two new members: Al Lowry and Dave Cohen.

    The band consists of six blues playing members, each of them unique. Dave Cohen is the talented “John Denver impersonator,” who is the lead singer and plays guitar; Jeff Adams plays the string (upright) bass; John Fitzgerald, originating in Tennessee, plays five instruments and sings; Ralph Hulse plays banjo and sings vocals; Steve Green plays the fiddle; and Al Lowry plays three instruments and sings harmony.

    Bluegrass is a special blend of roots and rhythm, something born and bred in the American South. Catch their sounds at Tuvalu corner (Forest and Glenneyre).

    There’s bluegrass too!

    The Agave Bros., a Laguna Beach band, was formed in 2015, but most of the guys have played together for about 13 years, including with the Blues Offenders, on the Main Beach Cobblestones in the Fête in 2014 and 2015.

    Members include Bob Campion on lead vocals; Santi Pierini, on guitar and vocals; Geoff Glass, bass; Russell Pierce on drums; and Steve Reid on percussion. The band plays danceable rock from the 1960s up until today. They put their own spin on music from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, U2, Santana, Ryan Adams, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and even venture down the Motown path quite a bit.

    Additional local musicians will be making guest appearances throughout their stint. Look for them on the Cobblestones again this year performing from 2:30 – 4 p.m. and at the Closing Ceremonies.

    Fête de la Musique Schedule of Events:

    12 noon – Pre-opening festivities on the Main Beach Cobblestones with face painting and costuming, followed by a Children’s Parade at 12:30 p.m., with music provided by the Swing Set Band, a subset of the Laguna Concert Band.

    1 p.m. – Opening ceremonies at Main Beach with remarks by Laguna Beach Mayor Steve Dicterow, and a representative from the French Consulate in Los Angeles. Sydney Halk, 10 years old, will sing the U.S. National Anthem, and Lisa Morrice will be performing the French National Anthem, La Marsellaise.

    1:20 p.m. – Continuing performances at Main Beach by the Swing Set Band, JJ and the Habibis (Laguna Beach’s belly dancers), and The Agave Bros., who will share their danceable rock on the cobblestones from 2:30 – 4 p.m. and during closing ceremonies.

    1:30 – 4 p.m. – Singers, musicians and street performers at 35 locations in downtown Laguna Beach.

    4 p.m. – Closing ceremonies at Main Beach.

    The event is free, and presented by the Laguna Beach Sister Cities Association.

    Fête de la Musique was conceived by American musician Joel Cohen in 1976 while he was working at a radio station in France. He proposed an all-night music celebration during the summer solstice, which was recognized by the French Minister of Culture, and subsequently held in France in 1982.

    The Fête de la Musique in Laguna Beach, which was awarded Laguna Beach Arts Alliance’s “2010 Best New Arts Program,” is held in conjunction with “World Music Day” to celebrate the coming of summer each June. LBSCA has crafted its Fête de la Musique to promote Laguna Beach performing arts through live music by singers and musicians.

    For more information, including photos and videos of previous Fêtes de la Musique, visit http://www.lagunabeachsistercities.org

  • The Herzer warmer of Denmantau

    The Herzer warmer of Denmantau

    I do not know what it looks like with you, but in the winter Hamburg slumped, as if there were no tomorrow. Luckily, there are always music that brings the supercooling most heart to glow again.

    Recently it came to pass that I had to spend hours wandering through the icy Hanseatic city.The hunger was big and my nose began to feel like a foreign body in. In short, I had really no more support. Fortunately, I found myself but in a small shop again, in which the guys fromDenmantau just lay down a small unplugged gig, where I suddenly very warm feeling.Granted, I had the band already at the Local Heroes can discover for me, but better late than never.

    Denmantau are Stefan, Jonas, Julian, Paul and Milan. Their music is characterized above all the special sound of which is somewhere between folk, rock and funk moves. It’s just fun to watch the young men at work and listening. This is perhaps partly due to the frontman, who has leased the Rampensaudasein. He just do not give a shit. Boring is it with Denmantau so do not. Apart course the 4 remaining band members are very personable, which I could convince myself personally. In addition to a little taste of the upcoming album “Busker’s Philosophy” , were I immediately goodies for you  slipped that will be raffled off course.

    Which of you would have with 6 excellent feel-good songs for the cold season, the LP “Street Pulse”, only the original Pop10-mail has to this post on Facebook liken.

    Those who want to experience the whole thing live, can do soon:

    12/10/2013 Kust , Hamburg

    12/12/2013 Nörgelbuff , Göttingen

    13.12.2013 Salon Hansen , Lüneburg

  • Denmantau brings bohemain / dance – rock to Santa Monica Pier

    Denmantau brings bohemain / dance – rock to Santa Monica Pier

    Germany Denmantau brings his Bohemian / Dance Rock to Santa Monica Pier

    Jorge Barona Miniondas / FarándulaUSA

    Denmantau is the name of the German rock band created 12 years ago composed of five members described as “cast, deep, energetic, enthusiastic, uninhibited and talented

    His music is described as a” centered voice around raging guitars and mariachi sounds alternative rock, making a subtle balance with powerful vocals that not only give meaning it melts in euphoric alone with a powerful and melodic trumpet … “.

    Denmantau voice in Low German can be translated into something like “Let’s do something!”. Denmantau, alternative rock music with a subtle and almost imperceptible influence comes alive with Mariachi trumpet, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, bass, percussion and voice. A sound truly unique flavor and own lyrics.

    Denmantau is composed of Paul Weber (Vocals / Trumpet), Stefan Pomplun (Bass), Milan Carl (drums), Jonas Gerigk (Guitar / Vocals backup), Julian Schonscheck (Guitar / Keyboards), whose sound combines the genres of folk, Funk, Jazz, Rock and other rhythms in a free fusion of influences from different sources, including Mexican Mariachi music.

    They have chosen Southern California, particularly the city of Los Angeles to lay their base and start from there his tour of Europe, Australia / New Zealand and California. The audience of Southern California have the opportunity to listen live to Denmantau in Santa Monica Harvelle’s this coming Monday, December 28 from 8:30 pm. For details visit: http://santamonica.harvelles.com/event.cfm?cart&id=228312.

    Source: Miniondas / FarándulaUSA

    Photo: Denmantau Official Website

  • Denmantau is announcing their highly anticipated eight-track EP



    LOS ANGELES, Aug. 7, 2013 – – German trumpet rock band Denmantau is announcing their highly anticipated eight-track EP, “Busker’s Philosophy,” which is slated for an international releaseSeptember 15, 2013. The album will be released in Germany, on the group’s website –www.denmantau.com – iTunes and additional worldwide digital distribution.

    “It’s music you’d like to see in a Tarantino movie,” saidPaul Weber, Denmantau vocalist and trumpet player. ” We have a big influence of American bands. This is the experience of a well-traveled band that’s touring all around the world. We do recreate ourselves within every EP.”

    Along with Weber, Denmantau’s members are Stefan Pomplun (bass), Jonas Gerigk (guitar), Julian Schonscheck (guitar, keys) and Milan Carl (drums).

    Combining folk, funk, jazz, and rock with acoustic guitar, electric guitar and trumpet, Denmantau has created their own renowned signature sound. “It is trumpet rock,” Weber said. “We have origins in Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers. We’re very influenced by our neighbors in England.”

    The band has previously recorded the EPs, “Mess of Melodies” and “Street Pulse.” They’ve played more than 2,500 gigs at leading venues in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand, including the Lunatic Festival, the Support Mike Herrera & Cancer concert, the Club on Thursday Festival, the Support Echorev on the Find North Tour and more.

    Janelle Barreto, CEO and A&R for the American indie record label, Exploited Music, coming from two major record labels, recognizes the band’s promise. “Hearing millions of bands in my career, Denmantau is a rare opportunity,” she says. “We’ve witnessed firsthand the huge crowds that are drawn to them, their selling out of CDs and merchandise, while young teenage girls stand in line to take photos with them, get autographs and hopefully a kiss on the cheek. All of this in the industry of music equates to a band with worldwide potential.”

    Denmantau has played Local Heroes Hamburg and Local Heroes Germany, where they won the Best Newcomer Contest in 2011. They are touring this year on their Hello Germany Tour.

    “It’s a must see,” Weber said. “We are a live band that knows how to take the audience by hand and explore a good rock show.”

    SOURCE Denmantau

  • Record Review: Denmantau – Street Pulse


    Published on July 29th, 2013 | by Anna Warnaby

    Record Review: Denmantau – Street Pulse

    Denmantau – Street PulseOn a sunny street corner in Nice in 2011, I stumbled across the nomadic, German-born jazz-folk 5-piece, Denmantau. Despite the heat, I found my way into the crowd of roughly 30 listeners that they had accumulated – a number unheard of for most buskers on that street, who were probably in a sulk at having been upstaged by such talented musicians for the day. The fact that they sang in English was proving no problem to a predominantly French audience, but allowed me to fully appreciate the lyrics. Everyone was happy – tapping and clapping along with the beat, creating a buzz of energy around the band and a magnetism which pulled in yet more curious tourists. The only thing to escape their magnetic field was the intoxicating sound that drifted out of the trumpet and across the Place Masséna; lofty notes carried right up to the hinged shutters of the sun-kissed buildings opposite.



    Two years later, research has revealed that Denmantau are still touring Europe with their self-styled brand of “trumpet rock” and happy-go-lucky attitude towards being a musicians – their website describing them as “a bunch of best friends travelling through the world, making music on the street, meeting people, enjoying life”.  After winning Europe’s largest non-profit newcomer contest in 2011, this band has gone from strength to strength, releasing their first officially-recorded studio album, Street Pulse. This seems a fitting title, for a group of travelling musicians who clearly enjoy the constant thrill of performance and their relentless movement creates a backing rhythm of their own. It is evident that Denmantau are so much more than your common, everyday buskers. It is their genuine passion for music which has already propelled these guys through Australia, New Zealand and central Europe, with a grand total of 2500 gigs under their belt to date. Travelling, as it was for Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, is undeniably formative in a musician’s early years, providing a wealth of experience that the young guys of Denmantau will find useful to draw upon when writing their next album.

    The opening track of Street Pulse – “Crystal Clear” – showcases lead singer Paul’s powerful, gravelly vocals and exudes a vibe of teenage angst (think German Morrissey?), with a bizarre video which ends with his face tied up in knitting wool. Despite the wool, his voice is exceptionally strong and unique, and one might even stretch to using the word sublime, when he sings the line “moving slowly media, corporation and euphoria” (you’ll have to hear it to see what I mean). This song effortlessly brings trumpet music into the 21st century, to a younger audience who would scoff at a brass instrument under any other circumstances. My personal favourite, however, is “Sail The Ley Line” – even more powerful; lyrics even more nonsensical, and an even catchier riff. Other gems from the album include the atmospheric “Wicked Birds” and melancholic “Harvest”.

    Every facet of Denmantau’s style – sound, lyrics and visuals – is incredibly unique, and with an album as enjoyable as Street Pulse, I decree that they have the right to perform on any street in the world… but preferably mine!

  • The Herzer warmer of Denmantau

    The Herzer warmer of Denmantau

    I do not know what it looks like with you, but in the winter Hamburg slumped, as if there were no tomorrow. Luckily, there are always music that brings the supercooling most heart to glow again.

    Recently it came to pass that I had to spend hours wandering through the icy Hanseatic city.The hunger was big and my nose began to feel like a foreign body in. In short, I had really no more support. Fortunately, I found myself but in a small shop again, in which the guys fromDenmantau just lay down a small unplugged gig, where I suddenly very warm feeling.Granted, I had the band already at the Local Heroes can discover for me, but better late than never.

    Denmantau are Stefan, Jonas, Julian, Paul and Milan. Their music is characterized above all the special sound of which is somewhere between folk, rock and funk moves. It’s just fun to watch the young men at work and listening. This is perhaps partly due to the frontman, who has leased the Rampensaudasein. He just do not give a shit. Boring is it with Denmantau so do not. Apart course the 4 remaining band members are very personable, which I could convince myself personally. In addition to a little taste of the upcoming album “Busker’s Philosophy” , were I immediately goodies for you  slipped that will be raffled off course.

    Which of you would have with 6 excellent feel-good songs for the cold season, the LP “Street Pulse”, only the original Pop10-mail has to this post on Facebook liken.

    Those who want to experience the whole thing live, can do soon:

  • Life is beautiful and the musician is a musician

    Denmantau: But life is beautiful and the musician is a musician, because he is a musician.

    “We pull the plug of the Matrix and say” HELLO Duuuuu! Fancy a bit of trumpet in the face in the morning? “Denmantau (outdated div. Local heroes title) live for some time in Los Angeles and make music mainly on the road. Meet to meet people who ask us to five of the most important rules of the city:
    Hello dear friends out there, we are once again, the guys from Denmantau! We wanted Flag at home and say Moin, how are you doing?

    Good? … Yeah, right? Goes so? Well, man, is also a lot going on with you over there, as we can see. If everything is not easy, that’s probably true. Many Polarian currents, as it seems, but you can do it already. Will we see not too different. If you look to us to America, one would indeed like puke with start in Trump’s face … but we can get it also out. We fit so’n bit here and you over there. Then we should manage jointly, have also only a few more years, then we have the planet anyway out.
    Did not start so macabre now, but laughter is healthy. So enjoy the following lines with ‘nem push-to-eye Smiley …;) But just off the serious issues.

    And we face once before: We are DENMANTAU from Hamburg and before little less than two years after California emigrated. And because we miss you, we want to tell, what happens to us here. There are many things denmanTAUSEND to report, but to win an insight into our lives, you would have already rumkommen to experience what California has to offer. Gets simply under 555-NOSE. But maybe I’ll tell just once, like a day in our lives look like.

    We live currently in San Pedro, which is at the southernmost tip of Los Angeles County, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and palm trees and rainbows that crawl out of our asses. Well, or something like that – let’s start again from the beginning.
    There are generally two different ways, as the band begins the day: either 15 pm or at 9 am. As it has already got around, we earn our daily bread by street music and concerts. There are for the common BUSKER (professional terminology of the street artist) basically three main entry points in LA that we play on. That’s Santa Monica (on the pier or the 3rd Street Promenade), Venice Beach, and at times of Hollywood Boulevard.

    Each city has its own rules and everyone who has entranced in Los Angeles, I once set up a small set of rules.
    Rule number 1: in Los Angeles, there is one thing in abundance and that is: traffic, traffic, traffic! No matter, wherever you want, from where you come from, who you are or what you drive, get ready to jam. So we stand in the morning at 8am to time to bypass and Busken the rush hour can. Or have we in the evening a concert, then you may sometimes get up quietly later, right? Jo, we find. In both cases usually applies a number one and to fight his way through the eight-lane freeway gen sun, and since we are already arrived at rule number 2.
    Rule number 2 is: Sun, sun, sun. Sun and … sunburn. We usually play on average 2.5 hours a day Music on the street, unless you doubled its efficiency or has evening a concert.

    So you have again two choices at this wonderful democratic country. . Head home and observed rule number 1 or enjoy a well-violent sunset in all its glory on the beach and smoking rule number 3
    Rule number 3 is: LA is the Mecca of medicated products legally marketed anti-cancer Mary Johanna. Quite nice, the little girl, there were many other witty representatives of our species who spread revolutionary ideas and their courting: Jimmy Love you, loveyou Bob, loveyouJesus (who would have thought?)! All of friedensheischende pot-heads. Well, once met the only true decision is usually marry number 3 and number 4.
    Rule number 4 is omnipotent, that boy really wants to get involved everywhere! Number 4 is often more the figment of Rule 1 & 3, but can also be caused by Rule 3 & 2. You guessed it, number 4 is the little asshole named “wait”! Wait, wait, wait. In the never coming bus, waiting in traffic, waiting in traffic, waiting in VERKEHHHR, (never, of course, the narrator’s voice) awaiting Stefan, Jonas, Julian or Milan, waiting for rain or UPS, wait in the DMV or’s visa. Except on tacos that you get at any time on every corner.

    A great feature of this band is traveling, we like to see new cultures and experience first hand people from other countries. We share the music on the street directly to the people, we tear out of his everyday life. We pull the plug of the Matrix and say “HELLO Duuuuu! Fancy a bit of trumpet in the face in the morning? “Then some prefer us the plug and call the like, armed with pump gun, Taser, Phaser, baton Sergeant and scare us.
    But very often, to our delight, we see people awaken from their trance, going to work or coming to, brooding to drink their coffee, study their shopping list to tame children or undergo selfies to enjoy the free day or all at once.Many stop and stop. One breathes through, the music pleased starts dancing, some to do with selfies on, only this time with us in the picture. Often children start to dance and the motley collective puts on a miraculously close together. We watch the spectacle of young children who are hopping jerkily up and down or running around us, or sometimes just have big eyes, standing in front of us as if rooted. When all was very quiet around them. One of our favorite moments.

    As everyone knows, Los Angeles is a stronghold of the music industry, with all due respect her, let’s say, weak points (musicians in the world, provides you ON, I repeat, ONE free drink per nose because one misses his pearl a bit more), but has just also their strengths. To tell a little anecdote, which somewhere to play sounds, if it is not experienced from time to time in everyday life. It applies for example to his concert on Sunset Boulevard bassist of the Stranglers or the Mangager of New Order, of course, beer drinking. There are always possibilities that open up a, just because everyone mixes together here. From large to small. So we have, when we played street music, met the drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Chad Smith and surprised him with his own song “Around The World”.Pressed or Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Robert Trujillo of Metallica Citizen Cope a CD in his hand, with which one must say Roberts large bass bail Hand was by far the largest and most surprisingly, the most tender. The could win prizes in shaking hands.

    You meet people at just who work in the entertainment business, and that makes life here in LA incredibly exciting.Whether stuck yes in the restaurant, at a concert or house party, somewhere these people need and you meet here, alongside other people from the area. So as we all. Life in LA is not the easiest, and certainly not in such a competitive industry, and Rules 1 and 2 and 3 can an energy robbing before, but the people are open and friendly and you swim together in the same boat: The artist’s existence to master. They supported each other, as do musicians, and wants to create something beautiful.
    So you start projects and is suddenly on stage with singer and drummer of “The Sweet” and is working on a rock opera or invites the saxophone player of Pink Floyd and Supertramp in to play a concert with you. These things happen just here, sounds weird. Is also funny. Power but fun 🙂

    Basically there is no recipe for being a musician, because there are so many ways that need arise and arise again just at this time. The Independent Artist now has the opportunity itself to market and publish. But is also simultaneously demanded. What a strange profession that is so important for people. We need the music, it is essential for life since the dawn of time, even before the language. For many it is as important as breathing, the faithful companion, the empty rooms to ballrooms and bus trips to places of refuge turned the thoughts. And yet we have a schizophrenic relationship to the art form music, a natural resource that should be part of the people, and yet we separate from their place of origin, the musician.

    We know from our own experience, we use Spotify and Co. and do not always have in mind that the music that we love, comes from the man who makes them. And so the music is in danger of no longer being that for which we love. Therefore, the motto “penniless musician” the anthem of the profession and as a standard part of the company. Baaam DIGGGGGA WAAASS? Did I say that out loud? Life’s just sometimes seriously beautiful. But life is beautiful and the musician is a musician, because he is a musician. But because a rose is just a rose, it still needs to be watered to smell around, so we can enjoy it.

    We are surrounded by so many wonderful people feel very connected with our friends and fans in the world and are grateful to be able to do our part. Nothing’s fucking beautiful and fulfilling than this job, we all share the love of music and we want to serve you, so that it can change and flourish this world. Back to the studio