Dark Light is out now!

We are not here to be liked, we are here to be felt.




The EP Dark Light holds up a mirror in front of our faces. Having lived in Los Angeles, we have seen the Beauty & the Beast. Making a living on the street we do get in touch with every facets of life and people
We are at the pulse of people’s day to day environment we pop up into their lives with music that rattles at the cage of a worried mind or caress a celebrating heart. We play music and invite to take a breather and enjoy music or dancing before returning to work .
The concept of the Dark speaks of what we have still created around us, and continue until we have turned our eyes inwards and illuminate the false identities that we are separated from each other, and have to protect from one another. Believing in order not to fall short we have to be bigger better, stronger, instead of more , empathetic ,forgiving and loving another form of living radically .
We are building walls, and we are spending money into defense we are invested in protection, we are guarding against fear, by promoting fear. Choosing fear to fight fear.
Dark light speaks of the relationship between the two Dark and Light, which stands for Fear and Love, which are the interplay of teaching the truth of our Human Nature: That we are whole, we are light , we are magnificent , we are unlimited, free , eternal pure consciousness.
We strongly believe that art is the teacher of both. Using art courageously, portraying both Darkness and Light despite social norm, or judgement – which art has never cared for , we get to transcend the darkness within ourselves and thus create with true seeing the world in front of us.
Dark Light is the ray of Light piercing into the depth of our shadow personas, healing our identity struggle being concerned what we think of one another.
When we play music on the street, people gather around to appreciate.
No sex, or status, no skin color or profession, commands our thinking. All of it stops for a second and we get to be with each other and connect. Random people, at a random time, at a random place. We feel a sense of belonging, realizing we have more things in common than we do not.
On the streets true meeting is possible : Strangers start dancing with one another
This spontaneous exchange is the currency of joy.
We believe that expressing our true Self radically by exercising vulnerability, openly, with no shame but celebration, letting our guards down, going past our comfort to judge always pretending that we know, we empower ourselves and others.

We want to advocate courage to expose first to ourselves who we really are and then demonstrate it to the world. As it has become an everyday practice for ourselves.
Dark Light speaks about the struggle of power in this world and that surrender our EGO may be a painful but true form of growth, as it seeks to embrace not conquers. We believe in the transformational power of art that unveils fearless the ugliness , the unwanted, the hidden, the shameful to show its teachings that when brought to the light, that no shadow can withstand.
Dark Light speaks of non judgement for what we judge we become ourselves. It’s the radical approach to exercise courage to be your true Self: Nude. Raw. Real.

we love to continue to share our music to connect to you!
Our contribution to the world is our new EP that we are extremely proud of and can’t wait to present it to you! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT !