I do not know what it looks like with you, but in the winter Hamburg slumped, as if there were no tomorrow. Luckily, there are always music that brings the supercooling most heart to glow again.

Recently it came to pass that I had to spend hours wandering through the icy Hanseatic city.The hunger was big and my nose began to feel like a foreign body in. In short, I had really no more support. Fortunately, I found myself but in a small shop again, in which the guys fromDenmantau just lay down a small unplugged gig, where I suddenly very warm feeling.Granted, I had the band already at the Local Heroes can discover for me, but better late than never.

Denmantau are Stefan, Jonas, Julian, Paul and Milan. Their music is characterized above all the special sound of which is somewhere between folk, rock and funk moves. It’s just fun to watch the young men at work and listening. This is perhaps partly due to the frontman, who has leased the Rampensaudasein. He just do not give a shit. Boring is it with Denmantau so do not. Apart course the 4 remaining band members are very personable, which I could convince myself personally. In addition to a little taste of the upcoming album “Busker’s Philosophy” , were I immediately goodies for you  slipped that will be raffled off course.

Which of you would have with 6 excellent feel-good songs for the cold season, the LP “Street Pulse”, only the original Pop10-mail has to this post on Facebook liken.

Those who want to experience the whole thing live, can do soon:

12/10/2013 Kust , Hamburg

12/12/2013 Nörgelbuff , Göttingen

13.12.2013 Salon Hansen , Lüneburg