Life is beautiful and the musician is a musician

Denmantau: But life is beautiful and the musician is a musician, because he is a musician.

“We pull the plug of the Matrix and say” HELLO Duuuuu! Fancy a bit of trumpet in the face in the morning? “Denmantau (outdated div. Local heroes title) live for some time in Los Angeles and make music mainly on the road. Meet to meet people who ask us to five of the most important rules of the city:
Hello dear friends out there, we are once again, the guys from Denmantau! We wanted Flag at home and say Moin, how are you doing?

Good? … Yeah, right? Goes so? Well, man, is also a lot going on with you over there, as we can see. If everything is not easy, that’s probably true. Many Polarian currents, as it seems, but you can do it already. Will we see not too different. If you look to us to America, one would indeed like puke with start in Trump’s face … but we can get it also out. We fit so’n bit here and you over there. Then we should manage jointly, have also only a few more years, then we have the planet anyway out.
Did not start so macabre now, but laughter is healthy. So enjoy the following lines with ‘nem push-to-eye Smiley …;) But just off the serious issues.

And we face once before: We are DENMANTAU from Hamburg and before little less than two years after California emigrated. And because we miss you, we want to tell, what happens to us here. There are many things denmanTAUSEND to report, but to win an insight into our lives, you would have already rumkommen to experience what California has to offer. Gets simply under 555-NOSE. But maybe I’ll tell just once, like a day in our lives look like.

We live currently in San Pedro, which is at the southernmost tip of Los Angeles County, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and palm trees and rainbows that crawl out of our asses. Well, or something like that – let’s start again from the beginning.
There are generally two different ways, as the band begins the day: either 15 pm or at 9 am. As it has already got around, we earn our daily bread by street music and concerts. There are for the common BUSKER (professional terminology of the street artist) basically three main entry points in LA that we play on. That’s Santa Monica (on the pier or the 3rd Street Promenade), Venice Beach, and at times of Hollywood Boulevard.

Each city has its own rules and everyone who has entranced in Los Angeles, I once set up a small set of rules.
Rule number 1: in Los Angeles, there is one thing in abundance and that is: traffic, traffic, traffic! No matter, wherever you want, from where you come from, who you are or what you drive, get ready to jam. So we stand in the morning at 8am to time to bypass and Busken the rush hour can. Or have we in the evening a concert, then you may sometimes get up quietly later, right? Jo, we find. In both cases usually applies a number one and to fight his way through the eight-lane freeway gen sun, and since we are already arrived at rule number 2.
Rule number 2 is: Sun, sun, sun. Sun and … sunburn. We usually play on average 2.5 hours a day Music on the street, unless you doubled its efficiency or has evening a concert.

So you have again two choices at this wonderful democratic country. . Head home and observed rule number 1 or enjoy a well-violent sunset in all its glory on the beach and smoking rule number 3
Rule number 3 is: LA is the Mecca of medicated products legally marketed anti-cancer Mary Johanna. Quite nice, the little girl, there were many other witty representatives of our species who spread revolutionary ideas and their courting: Jimmy Love you, loveyou Bob, loveyouJesus (who would have thought?)! All of friedensheischende pot-heads. Well, once met the only true decision is usually marry number 3 and number 4.
Rule number 4 is omnipotent, that boy really wants to get involved everywhere! Number 4 is often more the figment of Rule 1 & 3, but can also be caused by Rule 3 & 2. You guessed it, number 4 is the little asshole named “wait”! Wait, wait, wait. In the never coming bus, waiting in traffic, waiting in traffic, waiting in VERKEHHHR, (never, of course, the narrator’s voice) awaiting Stefan, Jonas, Julian or Milan, waiting for rain or UPS, wait in the DMV or’s visa. Except on tacos that you get at any time on every corner.

A great feature of this band is traveling, we like to see new cultures and experience first hand people from other countries. We share the music on the street directly to the people, we tear out of his everyday life. We pull the plug of the Matrix and say “HELLO Duuuuu! Fancy a bit of trumpet in the face in the morning? “Then some prefer us the plug and call the like, armed with pump gun, Taser, Phaser, baton Sergeant and scare us.
But very often, to our delight, we see people awaken from their trance, going to work or coming to, brooding to drink their coffee, study their shopping list to tame children or undergo selfies to enjoy the free day or all at once.Many stop and stop. One breathes through, the music pleased starts dancing, some to do with selfies on, only this time with us in the picture. Often children start to dance and the motley collective puts on a miraculously close together. We watch the spectacle of young children who are hopping jerkily up and down or running around us, or sometimes just have big eyes, standing in front of us as if rooted. When all was very quiet around them. One of our favorite moments.

As everyone knows, Los Angeles is a stronghold of the music industry, with all due respect her, let’s say, weak points (musicians in the world, provides you ON, I repeat, ONE free drink per nose because one misses his pearl a bit more), but has just also their strengths. To tell a little anecdote, which somewhere to play sounds, if it is not experienced from time to time in everyday life. It applies for example to his concert on Sunset Boulevard bassist of the Stranglers or the Mangager of New Order, of course, beer drinking. There are always possibilities that open up a, just because everyone mixes together here. From large to small. So we have, when we played street music, met the drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Chad Smith and surprised him with his own song “Around The World”.Pressed or Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Robert Trujillo of Metallica Citizen Cope a CD in his hand, with which one must say Roberts large bass bail Hand was by far the largest and most surprisingly, the most tender. The could win prizes in shaking hands.

You meet people at just who work in the entertainment business, and that makes life here in LA incredibly exciting.Whether stuck yes in the restaurant, at a concert or house party, somewhere these people need and you meet here, alongside other people from the area. So as we all. Life in LA is not the easiest, and certainly not in such a competitive industry, and Rules 1 and 2 and 3 can an energy robbing before, but the people are open and friendly and you swim together in the same boat: The artist’s existence to master. They supported each other, as do musicians, and wants to create something beautiful.
So you start projects and is suddenly on stage with singer and drummer of “The Sweet” and is working on a rock opera or invites the saxophone player of Pink Floyd and Supertramp in to play a concert with you. These things happen just here, sounds weird. Is also funny. Power but fun 🙂

Basically there is no recipe for being a musician, because there are so many ways that need arise and arise again just at this time. The Independent Artist now has the opportunity itself to market and publish. But is also simultaneously demanded. What a strange profession that is so important for people. We need the music, it is essential for life since the dawn of time, even before the language. For many it is as important as breathing, the faithful companion, the empty rooms to ballrooms and bus trips to places of refuge turned the thoughts. And yet we have a schizophrenic relationship to the art form music, a natural resource that should be part of the people, and yet we separate from their place of origin, the musician.

We know from our own experience, we use Spotify and Co. and do not always have in mind that the music that we love, comes from the man who makes them. And so the music is in danger of no longer being that for which we love. Therefore, the motto “penniless musician” the anthem of the profession and as a standard part of the company. Baaam DIGGGGGA WAAASS? Did I say that out loud? Life’s just sometimes seriously beautiful. But life is beautiful and the musician is a musician, because he is a musician. But because a rose is just a rose, it still needs to be watered to smell around, so we can enjoy it.

We are surrounded by so many wonderful people feel very connected with our friends and fans in the world and are grateful to be able to do our part. Nothing’s fucking beautiful and fulfilling than this job, we all share the love of music and we want to serve you, so that it can change and flourish this world. Back to the studio