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Denmantau is the name of the German rock band created 12 years ago composed of five members described as “cast, deep, energetic, enthusiastic, uninhibited and talented

His music is described as a” centered voice around raging guitars and mariachi sounds alternative rock, making a subtle balance with powerful vocals that not only give meaning it melts in euphoric alone with a powerful and melodic trumpet … “.

Denmantau voice in Low German can be translated into something like “Let’s do something!”. Denmantau, alternative rock music with a subtle and almost imperceptible influence comes alive with Mariachi trumpet, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, bass, percussion and voice. A sound truly unique flavor and own lyrics.

Denmantau is composed of Paul Weber (Vocals / Trumpet), Stefan Pomplun (Bass), Milan Carl (drums), Jonas Gerigk (Guitar / Vocals backup), Julian Schonscheck (Guitar / Keyboards), whose sound combines the genres of folk, Funk, Jazz, Rock and other rhythms in a free fusion of influences from different sources, including Mexican Mariachi music.

They have chosen Southern California, particularly the city of Los Angeles to lay their base and start from there his tour of Europe, Australia / New Zealand and California. The audience of Southern California have the opportunity to listen live to Denmantau in Santa Monica Harvelle’s this coming Monday, December 28 from 8:30 pm. For details visit:

Source: Miniondas / FarándulaUSA

Photo: Denmantau Official Website