Denmantau is announcing their highly anticipated eight-track EP



LOS ANGELES, Aug. 7, 2013 – – German trumpet rock band Denmantau is announcing their highly anticipated eight-track EP, “Busker’s Philosophy,” which is slated for an international releaseSeptember 15, 2013. The album will be released in Germany, on the group’s website – – iTunes and additional worldwide digital distribution.

“It’s music you’d like to see in a Tarantino movie,” saidPaul Weber, Denmantau vocalist and trumpet player. ” We have a big influence of American bands. This is the experience of a well-traveled band that’s touring all around the world. We do recreate ourselves within every EP.”

Along with Weber, Denmantau’s members are Stefan Pomplun (bass), Jonas Gerigk (guitar), Julian Schonscheck (guitar, keys) and Milan Carl (drums).

Combining folk, funk, jazz, and rock with acoustic guitar, electric guitar and trumpet, Denmantau has created their own renowned signature sound. “It is trumpet rock,” Weber said. “We have origins in Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers. We’re very influenced by our neighbors in England.”

The band has previously recorded the EPs, “Mess of Melodies” and “Street Pulse.” They’ve played more than 2,500 gigs at leading venues in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand, including the Lunatic Festival, the Support Mike Herrera & Cancer concert, the Club on Thursday Festival, the Support Echorev on the Find North Tour and more.

Janelle Barreto, CEO and A&R for the American indie record label, Exploited Music, coming from two major record labels, recognizes the band’s promise. “Hearing millions of bands in my career, Denmantau is a rare opportunity,” she says. “We’ve witnessed firsthand the huge crowds that are drawn to them, their selling out of CDs and merchandise, while young teenage girls stand in line to take photos with them, get autographs and hopefully a kiss on the cheek. All of this in the industry of music equates to a band with worldwide potential.”

Denmantau has played Local Heroes Hamburg and Local Heroes Germany, where they won the Best Newcomer Contest in 2011. They are touring this year on their Hello Germany Tour.

“It’s a must see,” Weber said. “We are a live band that knows how to take the audience by hand and explore a good rock show.”

SOURCE Denmantau