bohemian / dance rock

This 5 piece german Band from Hamburg/Germany have developed a unique genre that is now known as Bohemian/Dance Rock.
Gathering great momentum on their musical trail they’ve traveled all around the world looking back on over 2000 gigs.

DenManTau from Hamburg, Germany, that has travelled the globe in pursuit of sharing their messages with the world. The band found their way to the heart of the musical empire in California over three years ago with the help of their vehicle, Flinch, an ’89 Chevy van.

Although the band has travelled all over the world, their hearts still remain in Hamburg. The name DenManTau originates from a dying language in northern Germany often used by sailors, the word meaning, “all hands on deck.” This paints the picture of what DenManTau represents: pulling together to help bring life to what they perceive as a dying world. Paul Weber, lead singer and trumpeter of DenManTau, found his passion at a young age. Playing the trumpet since he was only six and performing at the age of eight, it was clear his calling was music. “I started the band when I was just 13 years old,” Weber said. “I felt compelled to do this and that my purpose was devoted to music.” DenManTau developed a unique sound over the years that is universally appealing to the public.

They implement folk, funk, jazz and rock, and incorporate a diverse variety of rhythms into their music. This distinct genre of music has been identified as bohemian dance rock.


The Members

Paul Weber

Paul started playing classical trumpet in the age of 6 competing nation wide in ensembles, duets and solo performances. His passion in poetry and entertaining formed his love to become a frontman incorporating the trumpet in a new style. In 2011 the Local Heroes Band contest awarded him with best singer of Germany.

Stefan Pomplun

Playing music for over 14 years Stefan Pomplun lays down the bass foundation at DenManTau. At the 2011 Local Heroes – Europe Awards he has been decorated with the “Best Instrumentalist” prize. Stefan got sponsored by Marleaux Bass guitars.

Jonas Gerigk

Guitar/Backing Vocals
Growing up in Germany Jonas Gerigk has spent half his life playing guitar and writing songs. Traveling with DenManTau around the world, spreading the music and connecting with people has become his adventures life. Jonas is sponsored by Fender, Furch/Stonebridge Guitars.

Julian Schonscheck

Julian Schonscheck aka. Dr. Soundcheck was drawn to music from a very young age on. Starting to get first music lessons in church and later self taught he plays rhytm/lead guitar and keys for DenManTau. Julian got sponsored by Baldera Pedals, The Raven Works, Fender Guitars.

Milan Carl

Drumming for over 16 years Milan Carl feels home on stages since the young age of 6. He worked in many professional projects and sessions around the world and produced and recorded three EP’s with DenManTau. Joining the award-winning band in 2010 he is next to his drumming also known for playing the Move Box.

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